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Financial SuperMom


30 Days To Mastering Your Money
Without Depriving Yourself


A step-by-step course to boost savings, cut spending,
retrain your brain, and create your custom money Plan to achieve your financial goals.

Are you just a little bit (or a lot) intimidated by your money?
Do your financial numbers leave you feeling overwhelmed or incompetent? 

I know JUST how you feel because I spent years letting money be a Hot Mess in my hands. 
And then I hit a wall and had to get my act together.

I turned my mess into Financial SuperMom abilities, and I'll show you how to do it too.



  • You are tired of feeling like you're falling behind financially
  • There are months when you have more bills than income
  • You know you should be using a "budget", but you'd rather have a root-canal
  • You want to be more organized with your money but you're not comfortable with financials and don't know where to start
  • You could use a serious boost to your savings, or a quick reduction in spending
  • You want strategies that work for regular families, regardless of income level
  • You have a good income but want to be more organized with it so it does more for you
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Module 1: Start with Why & Building your Yearly Plan

  1. Discover your Core Motivators (both spouses)
  2. Create a plan for financial goals that helps you spend less time reaching your goals!

Module 2: Systems

  1. All about budget styles, methods, layouts, apps, etc.
  2. No one system is right for everyone
  3. You’ll learn the pieces you MUST have to construct your own simple system that works for you.

Module 3: Needs

  1. Establishing your Basic needs.
  2. How to do effective Savings Challenges, short and long-term

Module 4: Goals

  1. Your yearly plan implemented for money goals
  2. Goal Sprinting
  3. Goal Fatigue and “rest stops”
  4. Automation strategies (online banking is only the tip of the iceberg…)
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Module 5: Wants

  1. Why you can’t ignore this if you want to have prosperity
  2. How making this a priority actually helps your children and your family
  3. How to include it in your budget in an appropriate way that doesn’t compromise your financial health
  4. What percentages we’re actually using
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Who is this Mom, anyway?

I'm Wendy, mom of 5, educator, innovator, numbers-geek. I used my science background to understand behavioral economics with family finances to help families get further faster with their money.

I teach moms what strategies to use that will get the BEST Results. Not 'Good' or 'Better' Results. Focusing only on the financial independence side of money will only get you a half-lived life. 

For me, achieving the BEST results comes from a balanced approach that nurtures family at every stage of our lives. We are not going to WAIT until….”X” happens, to create family culture. It’s going to be part of the process.

My favorite meme: Deprivation happens when your priorities are not being met.




In this 30 day course you will:

  • Plan your year in manageable chunks that allow you to actually make progress on your financial and family goals
  • Learn how to include Extras and FUN into your Plan, so you can enjoy your family again!
  • Build a Plan (budget) with the 3 Must Have Elements + 3 Must Have Priorities, to give you ultimate superpower status with your money
  • Learn my organization strategy that gives you x-ray vision when it comes to seeing your numbers
  • Identify your top money goals for the next 3-6 months
  • Discover your financial numbers' True Identity, and how they tell you what to do next to achieve your goals
  • Make rapid progress on your money goals without the "money diet"
  • Learn my SuperMom tips on how to be successful doing short and long Savings Challenges WITHOUT feeling deprived
  • Grow your Mental Super Powers and hit your brain's "Reset" button when it comes to spending $$
  • Save a LOT of cash, too. BONUS!!

And you'll be included in our private SuperMom Facebook group for some great support from other Moms who are taking their money from "Hot Mess" to "Superpower"!


(Full Disclosure: We actually don't have the ability to bestow superpowers, but we CAN give you all the SuperTools necessary for you to become a Financial SuperMom--a Mom with super-human financial know-how!


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