Spring clean your budget in 3 simple steps

Spring clean your budget in 3 simple steps

Let's talk spring cleaning...

Does spring give you the urge to just chuck everything (or a lot of things) right to the curb for the charity pick-up people?

It does to me. I am so "over" some of the "piles" that have accumulated in my home.

I don't know whether you are a naturally organized person, a somewhat organized person, or an accumulator, but after a cold, dark winter we could all do with a little "spring cleaning"

I'm currently going through the pile that has built up in my closet (I don't know why i ALWAYS pile stuff in there!), my kitchen counter, and my garage.

I don't teach home organization or cleanliness, but I do teach money and mindset. And I've learned that as much as we might think money and mindset are separate, they are actually two halves of the same whole.