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Hi, I'm Wendy!

I'm a mom, a systems & strategies gal, an economics nerd, &
a no-nonsense woman.



  • glad you're here! It's always more fun to have a cozy chat with a bestie than sit by myself in cyber-space
  • an organizational maven who Loves to help fellow Moms, solopreneurs, and side-hustlers
  • married to a very cool guy who supports me (and doesn't guilt-trip me over my secret chocolate stashes)
  • a mom of FIVE amazingly brilliant, sharp, sassy, motivated, kick-butt children. I'm sure they got it from me?!
  • a Foodie. I love good Chocolate (that's kind of obvious), every Indian dish I've ever tried, fajitas with guacamole, a really good clam chowder, and my perfect scrambled eggs for breakfast 
  • a huge fan of Yoga and Running, not at the same time

I'm also

  • the chief financial planner in our home
  • the one who balances the books
  • the one who pays the bills
  • the woman who makes 99.8% of the purchasing decisions in our household
  • the mother who has spent countless hours awake at night figuring out how to stretch our incomes to cover all the needs of a large family
  • the woman who organized our family's financials to the nth degree of precision
  • the woman who rigorously studied wealth creation strategies and implemented them to create an abundant lifestyle


 Carrying the world...

Carrying the world...


I know what it's like to have more bills than money.

Over the past 10 years I got really tired of the talking heads telling me the best strategies for supporting a family and "making ends meet". And I felt like it was all fluff and hot air because I was doing those things and not getting the promised results!!

I immersed myself in macro-, micro-, and behavioral economics to really understand what was going on. Struggling through unemployment, under-employment, and living in the red, I learned the strategies to not just survive, but thrive and have plenty! 

My goal is to give women the tools to create a genuine, abundant life for their families, without financial stress. 

During those 10 years of difficult searching and study I learned there are core principles of thinking and behavior that are key to creating the life we dream about. Once we understand those principles we can take action and truly create it.

I'll show you how to create abundance.
It all starts with financial organization... 

Having a life of plenty is totally possible in this global economy. And I'll show you the strategies and tools to create it. I totally resonate with only giving REAL solutions that work. I don't have time for fluff and filler, and I'm sure you don't either.

It's not complicated. 

It DOES NOT require a large bank account, well-heeled friends, or unethical behavior.

It DOES require you to be honest with yourself, to be brave, to take action, and to be willing to learn and stretch yourself.

Let's get started...!


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